Agriturismo biologico a Volterra


The farm is spread over a surface of 5 hectars where olive and fruit are cultivated.

The activity is personally watched over by the owner utilizing a natural splicing method and avoiding the use of chemical substances or fertilizers.

There are around 500 olive trees that are used here to make extra-virgin olive oil that can be tasted in our farm!
There is also 1 hectars of forest and mediterranean bush, rich in spontaneous flora and wild fauna.

What is organic farming?

Organic farming is a method of agricultural production which has as main objectives:

• The production of healthy, high-quality
• Protecting the environment, nature and the agricultural landscape
• Maintaining and increasing the lasting fertility of the land
• Energy saving
• The improvement of conditions of life and income of farmers.

These characteristics qualify a way of farming innovative, in step with the modern needs of companies and consumers. Agricultural activities do not respond solely to the economic interests of those who produce and sell, but also meet the need for food and sanitation for consumers, the requirements of environmental protection, the protection of cultural values of civilization.
In this framework of new features and importance of agriculture is housed the farm, a system that links the agricultural production directly to final consumers, by promoting "own the company" consumption of food and agricultural products, services and tourist accommodation enjoyment of the countryside.
Farmers and consumers meet on a common ground of intent, that of respecting the health, environment, nature and traditions of the countryside.


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